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Known Hull Lists

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This web site tries to maintain lists of known owners of all Cape Dory power boats. The information is developed from individual contact, website registrations, Cape Dory Sailboat Owners Association registry, reports from the field, and United States Coast Guard public vessel documentation records.

The public lists posted here are intentionally missing nearly all personally-identifiable information to protect the privacy of owners. Each public list has a much more extensive list "behind the scenes". The complete lists are not stored on the website to further improve privacy protection, but are available on request to verified owners.

Known 24 Trawler Hulls
Known 28 Open/Cruiser/Flybridge/Sport Hulls
Known 30 Flybridge Hulls
Known 33 Power Yacht Hulls
Known 36 Power Yacht Hulls
Known 40 Explorer Hulls
Known Commercial Hulls

If you have additions to suggest or corrections to any entry, please contact the webmaster here so that we can reflect any needed changes.

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